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Blockchain On Demand: Enterprise Bundle Monthly

BTAs Most Flexible Training Option Available
Monthly Billing: Only $39/month

Blockchain On Demand: Enterprise Bundle Monthly

BTA provides the most recognized Blockchain education and certification around the globe. Training is included for both non-technical and technical professionals looking to understand and learn about this disruptive technology.
The monthly subscription provides instant access to:

8 Blockchain On Demand Training Classes, (over 100 hours)
All BTA Course Material for each Training
5 Official Exam Study Guides (PDF)
Discounts on Exam Vouchers for Certification
Access to ALL new classes added on demand
Course completion certificates for each completed training
Get started on your Blockchain journey in less than 5 minutes.


On Demand:

BTA portal:
Instantly get BTA courses and content
Ability to stop, pause, rewind and move through all chapters
Sample quiz questions
Material for all courses & exam study guides
Free content in your BTA portal
Access new courses created within the year

Who BTA Trains

Enterprise Bundle Details
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What's Included

The monthly subscription includes the following:
  • 8 Blockchain on Demand Training Classes, Over 100 hours of content
  • Course Material for each Training
  • 6 Official exam Study Guides (PDF)
  • Discounts on exam vouchers for Certification
  • Access to all new classes added by BTA instantly
  • Course completion certificates for each completed training

You will receive the following 8 classes:

    1. Blockchain Overview: Business Foundations On Demand
    2. Blockchain Solution Architecture Training On Demand
    3. Blockchain Security Training On Demand
    4. Ethereum Developer Training On Demand   
    5. Data Science and Blockchain On Demand  
    6. Corda Distributed Ledger Architecture On Demand 
    7. Hyperledger Developer Training On Demand
    8. Blockchain for Healthcare Professionals On Demand

    You will receive the following 6 Study Guides:

    1. CBBF Official Exam Study Guide
    2. CBSA Official Exam Study Guide
    3. CBSP Official Exam Study Guide
    4. CBDE Official Exam Study Guide
    5. CBDH Official Exam Study Guide
    6. CCA  Official Exam Study Guide

        Who is This Training For

        Blockchain Training Alliance membership is for people who are looking to understand Blockchains impact in business, allowing you to have an impact in both your company and community. It is for both non-technical and technical audiences.

        Who We Have Trained

        BTA has been training some of the largest organizations and governments in the world on Blockchain Technology.



        If additional Courses are available within the year, will I be provided those?

        • Yes! Any courses created and offered through BTA will be automatically added to your BTA portal.

        Is there an further discount for 10+ licenses?

        • Yes, contact for pricing. We also have options to link to your LMS, if required.

        I purchased a BTA course recently, can I apply that to the Enterprise Bundle?

        • Yes, contact to upgrade and we are happy to help.

        Where is Blockchain Training Alliance based?

        • Blockchain Training Alliance is a US based company. Our training is delivered globally through on demand learning, enterprise team engagements, and licensing partners.
        What is your refund policy?
        • There are no refunds on the monthly subscription.
        Can I share my subscription?
        • No subscriptions may be shared. Course completion certification are issued in one name only.

        Is certification included with the training?

        • Certification vouchers can be purchased through our website and are not included in the monthly subscription. You will receive discounts as a subscription member.

        Cancellation Policy

        You can cancel your access at anytime. Please email