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Ethereum Developer Training On Demand

List Tuition: $295.00


Duration: 20 Hours
Access: 1 Year
Format: Self-Paced
Related Certification: Certified Blockchain Developer - Ethereum (CBDE)

This training class on Ethereum developers is designed for programmers and developers who want to take a comprehensive deep dive in writing smart contracts and building applications that interact with them. This course provides detailed overviews of Ethereum, smart contracts, and the development language, Solidity. The student will be exposed to Ethereum’s adaptable feature set which allows the developer to design decentralized applications for countless applications.

This class is designed for those who prefer to develop the skills they need on their time and at their own pace. You will be provided one year of access to the class and all supporting course material. This course also prepares you for the Certified Blockchain Developer Ethereum exam. 

What's Included

With class you will receive:
  • One year of unlimited access to course content
  • Certified Blockchain Ethereum Developer exam voucher
  • Ability to stop, pause rewind and move through all chapters
  • Sample quiz questions in Course Content
  • Exam Prep Digital Course Material: View from anywhere and any device

Class Objectives

  • Understand the tools needed to create smart contracts
  • Write and read secure Solidity code
  • Avoiding and Understanding of Costly Bugs and Blockchain Programming Errors
  • Understanding of the development and deployment workflow
  • Better Understand of the Benefits and Disadvantages of Blockchain Technologies
  • Use and create private networks, test networks and the public main network
  • Understand how transactions are structured
  • How Gas and gas costs can be calculated correctly
  • Write a Smart Contract on the Ethereum Blockchain and be able to publish and interact with it
  • Understand the difference between Web3.js and truffle-contract
  • Install, configure and use the Truffle Framework
  • Write tests with the Truffle Framework that contribute to the stability of smart contracts
  • Deploy to IPFS and understand how to access files
  • Ethereum 2.0 - What's Different and Ethereum Shards


  • People who have heard of Ethereum, but do not know how to start
  • People who already have some experience with programming in general, but no solidity experience
  • People who want to know how this technology works
  • People who wrote simple solidity code but want to dive deeper into the subject


  • Absolutely necessary: ​​Basic knowledge in JavaScript / HTML
  • Absolutely necessary: ​​A computer (Windows / Linux / Mac)
  • Advantageous: basic knowledge in C ++ / Java, data types
  • Advantageous: basic knowledge with git repositories
  • Advantageous: basic knowledge of solidity


Chapter 1: Blockchain Basics

  • What is Blockchain?
  • Blockchain and Cryptocurrency
  • Why use Blockchain

Chapter 2: Blockchain Platforms

  • Decentralized Networks and Ledgers
  • Blockchain 2.0 and Ethereum
  • Programmable Blockchains - Smart Contracts
  • Types of Blockchain

Chapter 3: Ethereum Deep-Dive

  • Ethereum Blockchain Tooling Infrastructure
  • How Blocks are Created

Chapter 4: Smart Contracts in Ethereum

  • Smart Contract Concurrency and Events
  • Solidity Functions and Modifiers
  • Solidity Mapping and Structs

Chapter 5: The Ethereum Transaction Model

  • Understanding Transactions and Gas
  • Types of Consensus

Chapter 6: Understanding Ethereum Tools

  • Ethereum Tooling
  • Go-Ethereum In-Depth
  • Truffle Framework

Chapter 7: Best Practices and Use Cases

  • Smart Contract Best Practices
  • Blockchain Data Storage
  • Blockchain Use Cases
  • Blockchain Adoption

Chapter 8: Ethereum 2.0

  • Ethereum 2.0 - What's Different
  • Ethereum Shards

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