On Demand Training FAQs

  I can’t see my training course when I am launching it, who should I contact?

  I need more time to complete my training, can I have an extension?

  I purchased a course with my work email, but I registered/logged in to my BTA student portal with my personal email and I don’t see my course. How can I access it?

  Can I share my login and training with another person?

  What if I don't like the course or want a refund?

Certification Exam FAQs

  My certificate has my name spelled incorrectly, how can I get this fixed?

  I can’t launch my exam, who can I contact for help?

  I just finished my exam but I don’t see my certificate yet.

  How are exams proctored?

  I failed my exam and would like to know what questions I missed, can you provide these?

  I failed my exam and would like a retake, how do I arrange this?

  How often are changes made to the exam?

  How often do I need to recertify?

General FAQs

  Where is BTA located based?

  Where does BTA travel for private trainings?

  Does BTA provide job placement for students?

  Do I get a referral fee for sending friends to BTA?

  Do you have a partner or affiliate program?