Blockchain Certification Belongs on a Blockchain

Blockchain Certification Belongs on a Blockchain

Melissa Richardson

TEMECULA, CA (May 6, 2018) - Blockchain developers, Architects and employers will soon be connecting via blockchain. Blockchain Training Alliance is building  a platform to help companies find blockchain developers and solutions architects with proven skillsets.

Blockchain Certification on a Blockchain

Demand for Blockchain skills is accelerating. A recent article by TechCrunch stated that ICOs have raised $3.7 billion in United States alone, and there are 14 job openings for every one blockchain developer.

“Many businesses are pursuing blockchain developers, and they need a method of gauging applicants’ skills,” said Ernesto Lee who is CTO for Blockchain Training Alliance. “These certifications answer an acute need. Soon, every hiring manager will be looking for these credentials.”

Blockchain Training Alliance will begin storing the certificates of those that pass the exams on both a public and a private blockchain (Ethereum and Hyperledger) to meet privacy and security concerns while storing credentials on an immutable ledger. The technology extends to the mobile and cloud spheres to provide users fine-grained control and access over their profiles.

To gain entry, developers must complete a certification examination in person at one of Pearson VUE’s 6,100+ testing centers worldwide. The Blockchain Training Alliance has developed the certification examinations in cooperation with an advisory board of technology executives, trainers and developers. Training organizations including Global Knowledge, Learning Tree and ProTech have also partnered in the certification program.

 “Managers need development talent they can trust, and trained developers need a way to prove their skills” said Chad Decker, CEO of the Blockchain Training Alliance. “We are meeting both those needs.”

The Blockchain Certifications are as follows:

BTA Certified Blockchain Solution Architect (CBSA): This examination will test proficiency in building blockchain solutions, such as writing applications on a blockchain and integrating them with widely used enterprise applications.

BTA Certified Blockchain Developer - Ethereum (CBDE): This examination will test proficiency in writing applications for the Ethereum blockchain, which is the public blockchain of choice for many businesses.

BTA Certified Blockchain Developer- Hyperledger (CBDH): This examination will test proficiency in using the tools created by Hyperledger, which is a leading source of permissioned blockchain frameworks for the enterprise.


“The exams will gauge the requisite skills very effectively,” said advisory board member Mark Price, who is CEO at Devslopes. “Hiring managers can trust that professionals holding these certifications know how to build blockchain applications.”

“Our new agreement with the Blockchain Training Alliance is great news for their exam candidates,” said Bob Whelan, President of Pearson Assessment. “Our network of test centers means that candidates can sit their exam locally and at a date and time of their choice.”

Software professionals will appreciate the marketability the certifications provide, according to seasoned IT professional Kris Bennett, who serves on the certification advisory board. “Employers are making great offers to developers who know blockchain,” he said. “Demand for these certifications will only grow in the years ahead.”

 The Blockchain Training Alliance offers in-person training in major cities in the United States and Europe, as well as private training sessions for businesses. For information on class schedules, visit


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