Andrew Isikuru

Blockchain Training Alliance Scholarship

Blockchain Training Alliance is offering a $1,500 scholarship to a deserving undergraduate student. Applications are due by August 15th, 2018, and the recipient will be notified by August 21, 2018. See below for submission guidelines.

Submission Guidelines

(1) Requirements:

  • The Applicant must be pursuing a degree focused in business related or computer related disciplines and show interest in blockchain. 
  • Undergraduate Student

(2) Applications should also:

  • Min. 3.25/4.00 GPA
  •  Selection & Eligibility Criteria
  • Selection will be based on academic history, extracurricular activities & essay. Financial need will not be considered.
  • Must be a U.S. Citizen or permanent U.S. Resident
  • Must be enrolled (or accepted) in an accredited college or university and planning on continuing the next semester.

(3) Funds

The Blockchain Scholarship recipient will be notified by August 21, 2018. The recipient will be invited to the Blockchain Training Alliance corporate office where they will be awarded a check to be mailed directly to the essay winner’s home or invited to Blockchain Training Alliance to receive the check.

(4) Essay

Write a minimum 500-word essay about an experience where you had to think outside of the box to overcome an obstacle.

(5) Applying

To apply for this scholarship, please Email your submissions to by Aug 15th, 2018 to let us know you will be participating and you must have your essay completed and submitted by August 1st 2018. Along with submitting your essay, please also include your academic history, information on your extracurricular activities and information on your school of choice (including proof of admittance).

Scholarship campaign managed by Joshua Belland.