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Blockchain Training Alliance currently offers 3 different training courses for developers and technical professionals - each also has a respective blockchain certification exam (which is optional).

Ethereum development, which is offered as an online course and as a bootcamp, teaches developing with Solidity and includes 11 different hands-on labs like Web3.js and creating popular tokens like ERC-20 and ERC-721.

Hyperledger Fabric Development designed for system administrators to gain a deep understanding of best practice  operations for a Hyperledger Fabric Network. This training is also offered as an online course and as a bootcamp.

Our security training course is becoming very popular as ransomware and cyber attacks continue to pose threats to our personal property and business operations. This 20-hour comprehensive course is designed for cybersecurity experts or network administrators, IT professionals and engineers who are (or aspire to be)  responsible for implementing, identifying, and managing security on their blockchain network.

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