Visa Hiring Blockchain Engineers To Build New Payment Gateway

Melissa Richardson

In another sign of the times, Visa, the international credit card and banking institution, is actively seeking Blockchain experts to add to their tech engineering teams. This should come as no surprise, especially considering the explosion of interest in Blockchain technology among banking firms over the past year. 

A recent job posting from Visa stated that the enterprise level corporation is actively seeking an experienced Blockchain engineer to “work with technology teams to understand the business demand and ensure design and build of solutions creates or leverages cross-asset concepts and frameworks.”

The post went on to suggest that candidates should have active experience in work directly relating to the Ethereum or Bitcoin Blockchain. The post also detailed that the company is working on initiatives to link Blockchain technology to their current banking models.

The post closed with the statement that the “candidate will be working in VISA Global Commercial Payments area, team will be building a new payment rail leveraging Blockchain technology and distributed ledger.” Details on the project were also included in the attached link.

After the bad news for Visa and other credit companies this week about privacy and control, the Blockchain may be the solution they need to clean up international banking.

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