Net Security Training joins forces with Blockchain Training Alliance

Net Security Training joins forces with Blockchain Training Alliance

Melissa Richardson

Net Security Training joins forces with Blockchain Training Alliance to provide Blockchain training and Certifications in Europe

London, United Kingdom - 6th February 2019, Net Security Training Ltd (NST)  a leading Cyber Security Training company in the United Kingdom announced today that the company has entered into partnership with Blockchain Training Alliance(BTA) a global leader in Blockchain education to deliver Blockchain courses.

Blockchain is no longer seen as related to cryptocurrencies only, the need of businesses across a wide variety of industries to integrate blockchain-focused solutions is resulting in the spot light following this technology. Sooner or later, most companies are going to adopt blockchain technology, resulting in shortage of trained and certified developers. The gap between demand and supply of talented staff is currently placing blockchain developers among some of the highest paid individuals any professional field.

Richard Nwanze, CEO at Net Security Training stated that “the demand for Blockchain developers is enormous. Those who continue to climb the education ladder and gain certification are guaranteed a substantial boost in their earning power”. Partnering with a global player with great history of providing best in breed courses, certifications and leadership around the complex blockchain ecosystem will ensure that our Clients get exceptional knowledge transfer together with a reputable certification at the end of their training.

We are delighted to collaborate with Blockchain Training Alliance and look forward to achieving our joint goals in helping to bring immense value to individuals and companies.

Chad Decker, CEO Blockchain Training Alliance, added that “Managers need development talent they can trust, and trained developers need a way to prove their skills, we are meeting both those needs”. Delivering value that accelerates the Blockchain community is our ultimate goal at Blockchain Training Alliance. We are dedicated to leading Blockchain training and certification efforts globally by promoting the highest standards of education and professional excellence that benefits both the learners and the Blockchain community.

Blockchain Training Alliance developed and administers the following industry-leading certifications, for which Net Security is offering training:

  • Blockchain Business Foundations: The Certified Blockchain Business Foundations provides a overview of Blockchain to Mangers.
  • Hyperledger Training: Designed for developers and administrators who want to take a comprehensive deep dive on Hyperledger Fabric and Hyperledger Composer.
  • Ethereum Training: Designed for programmers and developers who want to take a comprehensive deep dive in writing smart contracts and building applications that interact with them
  • Blockchain Security Training: Detailed overview of all Blockchain security issues, including threats, risk mitigation, node security integrity, confidentiality, best security practices, advanced Blockchain security and more.
  • Blockchain Architecture Training: Blockchain Architecture training is for technical leaders who need to make decisions about architecture, environment, and development platforms. 

For a list of courses, schedules, and to register for Net Security Training certification training, visit the

About Blockchain Training Alliance

Blockchain Training Alliance is providing the most comprehensive schedule for Blockchain training around the globe. We have a passion for disruptive technologies and believe the distributed ledger is the movement of the future. Our goal is simple - provide the most relevant content and instruction to our students for Blockchain technology and support this through new courses as the technology reshapes the corporate world. We provide a blend of public training classrooms, customized private programs, and additional learning support.

About Net Security Training

Net Security Training is a renowned name in cybersecurity and information security training in the United Kingdom. Since launching in 2003, Net Security has successfully trained over 15,000 individuals from organisations including Fortune 500 and FTSE 250 companies – from the banking, Finance, Government Agencies, Pharmaceutical, Energy and the Utilities sectors pursuing ongoing professional development of their IT security staff. Net Security Training equips learners with the skills, knowledge and qualifications that they require to protect their organization in Cyber world.


This 6-hour course is designed to quickly cover the key concepts behind blockchain technology as well as the implications they can have on many industries and types of businesses.

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