Blockchain Architecture Training Released

Blockchain Architecture Training Released

Chad Decker

TEMECULA, CA – (January 25, 2018) Blockchain Training Alliance, the global leader in instructor-led Blockchain training and Blockchain certification, announced a newly released course Blockchain Architecture. The course will help participants to establish and maintain the environments in which blockchain solutions can be implemented, including development, testing, and production environments. This first of its kind training covering Blockchain Architecture will be available globally.

“The Architecture course is a critical next step in our Blockchain curriculum development. It was created based on the requests and needs of the Blockchain community,” said Chad Decker, CEO of Blockchain Training Alliance. “This course, combined with our Blockchain Solutions Architect certification, will allow participates to define architecture and best practices to implement solutions. We are excited for the release and its contribution to the community.”

The three-day class will allow students to understand the main Blockchain Architecture Design and how blocks in a blockchain interact. Students will interactively solve problems about design decisions and document architecture. In addition, it will help students to gain an understanding of how Blockchain and Legacy applications communicate within SQL & NoSQL structures, built and implemented. Each participant will learn tools (DRAW.IO, Hyperledger), technologies, concepts and processes that comprise the technical infrastructure of Blockchain solutions.

Building on our training program, Blockchain Training Alliance, will offer the Blockchain Solutions Architect certification available May 1, 2018 through Pearson VUE. The test comprises of 90 questions and will be available to take at 5,600 Global testing locations.

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