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Trainer Accreditation Quint

Trainer Accreditation Quint

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Step 1: NDA

Your NDA will be found in your BTA instructor portal. Please complete this and return to BTA.

Step 2: Sponsor Approval

Inside your BTA portal, get aproved by your sponsor to be an accredited trainer. Certified Blockchain Instructors can train only for the sponsor with whom they have got associated.

Step 3: Train

Instructors need to utilize the training resources available in the BTA portal (including videos, guides, pacing guides, recording of past training sessions, etc). BTA provides substantial training resources which should be diligently gone through.

Step 4: Certify

Instructor needs to successfully pass with a 80% or more the certification exams for course that they wish to teach. CBBF and CBSA instructors MUST pass both exams prior to teaching either course

Step 5: Onboard

Participate in a BTA call (scheduled twice a month) to learn how to proctor exams, run a class, order course material, and assist students. This is call is approximately 2 hours and also allows for Q&A.

Your Sponsor:

Sunil Mehta
Country Manager - India, Middle East & Central Africa
+91 9810046590
Quint Wellington Redwood

About BTA Instructor Accreditation:

BTA instructor accreditation standards are focused on quality instruction, ability to transfer knowledge, and gearing students to certify on Blockchain.  Accreditation is geared toward training on several certification exams (CBBF, CBSA, CBDH, CBDE, CBSP), which should preferably be conducted in classrooms or through virtual instructor led sessions.

It is important for the instructor to have a deep knowledge of Blockchain technology, have adequate soft-skills to handle different situations in a class, and consistently deliver very high quality trainings.


  • Certified Blockchain Instructors can train only for the sponsor with whom they have got associated.
  • To ensure a high-quality learning experience for all our students, trainers need to consistently get high rankings in student feedback forms. Instructors will continual poor marks will have their ability to teach terminated.
  • Certified Blockchain Instructors may proctor Pearson VUE exams

    We are honored to work with our instructors to spread knowledge to the world of one of the most exciting and emerging technologies.

    We look forward to having you as part of the BTA team!