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Enterprise Blockchain Proof of Concept (POC) Workshop

Enterprise Blockchain Proof of Concept (POC) Workshop

Who BTA Trains

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What is it? 

Short-Format Workshop to Designed to Help Organizations:

  • Identify and document potential use cases
  • Prioritize use case development
  • Develop solution Guiding Principles in alignment with Business Objectives
  • Define and document solution parameters
  • Gather and document high-level solution requirements down the functional level
  • Defining and documenting platform and technology choices
  • Define and document technical solution architecture
  • Develop Product Backlog and on-going Sprint Plan
  • Develop and release PoCs in a rapid, Agile format
  • Collect and integrate stakeholder feedback at regular, predictable intervals
  • Define and document PoC Stage Exit Criteria
  • Plan for next steps and MVP development

Who Is It Designed For?

  • Organizations with a clear understanding of and plan for the business impact of Blockchain, IoT, AI, Big Data, and other emerging technologies.
  • Organizations who have identified several potential use cases and wish to develop one or more into Proof-of-Concepts (PoC) to collect stakeholder and business leadership feedback.
  • We will engage with:
    • Business Analysts
    • Product Engineers
    • Technical Architects
    • Developers

Engagement outline

  • Part 1
    • PoC Identification and Prioritization
    • Use Case Problem Description
    • SMART Goals / Define Success
  • Part 2
    • Solution Platform Mapping
    • Establishing Guiding Principles
    • Defining Personas
    • Creating User Stories
    • Extracting Functional Requirements
  • Part 3
    • Process Mapping
    • Defining Assets
    • Identifying Participants
    • Documenting Transactions
  • Part 4
    • Defining Queries
    • Requirement Prioritization and Relative Level-of-Effort (1-5)
    • Plan Development Sprints
    • Sprint 1 Kickoff
  • Part 5 
    • Offline sprint development days
  • Part 6
    • Sprint Review
    • Defining PoC-Stage Exit Criteria