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Hyperledger Fabric Engineer (Bootcamp)

List Tuition: $3,100.00


This 5 day course is a combination of the following two courses:

There is no course like this available on the market; it will start from the beginning of standing up a Hyperledger Fabric v1.4 Network. This course will accommodate architects with very little-to-no experience on Fabric, and give them the knowledge necessary for perform the role of a Fabric Architect, Administrator and Developer.


This course is a combination of these two courses, view each for the combined outline:

  • Hyperledger Fabric v1.4: Architecting, Designing and Deploying a Network (3 days)

  • Hyperledger Training: Developing on Hyperledger Fabric (2 Days)


    To best benefit from this course:

    • Knowledge of basic Linux system administration commands, and navigation
    • Knowledge of Command line basics
    • Strong knowledge of containerization and Docker
    • Familiarity with NoSQL databases and general understanding of CouchDB
    • Strong understanding of Blockchain basics


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