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Developing on Hyperledger Fabric On Demand

List Tuition: $295.00


Duration: 20 Hours
Access: 1 Year
Format: Self-Paced

This on-demand Hyperledger training course is designed for developers and who want to take a comprehensive deep dive on Hyperledger Fabric.

This training course has been created to walk you through Chaincode Development, Testing, and Deployment for a Hyperledger Fabric Network catering specifically toward Golang written Chaincode (Fabric’s original Chaincode Language). Additionally as an Application Developer you will learn how to write, and prepare Client Applications using the most mature Standard Development Kit in Hyperledger Fabric, NodeJS. There are use cases, proof of concepts, as well as interactive lab work about the concepts.

What You’ll Learn:
  • Understand why Blockchain is needed and where                         
  • Explore the major components of Blockchain
  • Learn about Hyperledger Fabric and the structure of the Hyperledger Architecture
  • Lean the features of the Fabric model including chaincode, SDKs, Ledger, Security and Membership Services
  • Perform comprehensive labs on writing chaincode
  • Explore the architecture of Hyperledger Fabric
  • Understand and perform in depth labs on Bootstrapping the Network
  • Perform comprehensive labs to integrate/develop an application with Hyperledger Fabric running a smart contract
  • Build applications on Hyperledger Fabric


Chapter 1 - Blockchain Basics
Chapter 2 - Intro to Fabric
Chapter 3 - Fabric Use Cases
Chapter 4 - Hyperledger Composer
Chapter 5 - Transaction Lifecycle
Chapter 6 - Chaincode
Chapter 7 - Databases for the Developer
Chapter 8 - Chaincode: A deeper dive
Chapter 9 - Chaincode Network Operations
Chapter 10 - Clients and SDKs
Chapter 11 - Logging and Monitoring


This course is highly technical in nature and would require the student to be comfortable with coding. To prepare for the class all students MUST:
  • Familiarity with Hyperledger Fabric Component Structure & purposes
  • Knowledgeable on Golang Basics & Node JS basics
  • Minimal Command Line Interface Familiarity



        Kris Bennett is the Chief Learning Officer at Blockchain Training Alliance and has taught thousands of students on Blockchain Basics, Architecture, Ethereum and Hyperledger.  Kris comes from a 20-year background in custom software design, delivery, and consulting. He's seen what works and what doesn't when it comes to addressing human behavioral patterns with emerging technology.

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