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Custom Blockchain Workshop

Custom Blockchain Workshop


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Blockchain Training Alliance offers Blockchain Solutions Architecture and Design workshops in conjunction with the certified architect training, or as a stand-alone offering.

If you’ve got an idea for how blockchain might be leveraged in your enterprise to help solve pressing and complex business problems, but aren’t sure how to proceed this month-long workshop is designed for you!

You can leverage the knowledge and expertise of BTA trainers and technical design resources to go from start to finish in four weeks! We’ll begin with your high-level ideas and work collaboratively to create a design and the supporting artifacts you’ll need to move straight into development!



Our experts will begin by working with you to create and define a set of Guiding Principles around your solution which will be used to ensure consistency and alignment throughout your project. Once defined and agreed upon by your stakeholders, these Guiding Principles will allows us to help you define:

  • The various Personas that will use and interact with your proposed solution
  • A comprehensive set of User Stories based on identified Personas.
  • A exhaustive list of Functional Solution Requirements which align to and satisfy all conditions in your User Stories.

At the end of the engagement, you’ll be equipped with the ‘blueprints’ you developers need to begin making your ideas a reality.


TIMELINE – Discover, Document, Validate, Deliver

Our four-week engagement begins with a week-long Discovery phase where our technical design experts will work hands-on with you to explore your vision and define critical success factors. During week two our experts will Document their proposed solution ideas and create the artifacts outlined above. Week three will be spent Validating the work we’ve created with you and your team to ensure we’ve hit the mark and delivered something realistic and pragmatic. During our final week we’ll Deliver the solution ‘blueprints’ to you after an in-depth review. We’ll also help you plan for the upcoming solutions development phase, and share our recommended best patterns and practices so that we can enable you to be successful going forward.

  • Week 1 - Discovery (on-site, first 1-2 days is education)
  • Week 2 - Document (off-site, remote)
  • Week 3 - Validate (off-site, remote)
  • Week 4 - Deliver (on-site)

If you have any questions about this offering or would like to discuss in more detail what is involved, please reach out! We would love to schedule a time to discuss this workshop in more depth and show you how we can continue to provide value after a teaching engagement.

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