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Corda Distributed Ledger Architecture

Corda Distributed Ledger Architecture

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3 Days
9:00am-5:00pm each day
50% Lecture
Ways to Train: Public Classroom
Instructor-led Virtual
Onsite at Your Location
50% Lab

Course Details

Course Outline

  • Cryptography Basics
    1. Random Numbers
    2. Cryptographic Hash
    3. Symmetric vs Asymmetric Algorithms
    4. Asymmetric Cryptographic Algorithms
    5. Digital Signatures
    6. Authentication and Authorization
    7. Privacy, Security, Non-Repudiation
  • Distributed Ledger Basics
    1. Blockchain, Consensus, Immutability, and Trust
    2. R3 Corda vs Bitcoin and Ethereum
    3. R3 Corda vs Hyperledger
    4. The Corda Non-Technical Whitepaper
    5. The Corda Technical Whitepaper
    6. Architectural Tradeoffs

  • Corda Peer-to-Peer Network
    1. Network Protocols: TLS and AMQP/1.0
    2. Corda Nodes and Network Topology
    3. Network Map Service
    4. Doorman Authentication Service
    5. Authentication, Identity, and X.509 Certificates
    6. Permissions
  • Distributed Ledgers and the UTXO Model
  • States
  • Contracts
  • Transactions
  • Flows
  • Consensus
  • Notary Service
  • Oracle Service
  • Transaction Tear-Offs and Enhanced Privacy
  • Life-Cycle: Development, Test, Deployment, and Management
  • R3 Corda Enterprise


  • Basic Java Programming Skills

Ways to Learn

We provide instructor-led in three modalities:

  • Instructors at classroom locations globally
  • Instructors Onsite at your location
  • Via WebEx led by an Instructor with live labs
  • On Demand

Note: If you have 3 or more students we can come onsite to your location.

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