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Blockchain Healthcare Training

Blockchain for Healthcare Professionals and the Patient Empowered Blockchain (PEB)

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3 Days
100% Lecture
Ways to Train: Public Classroom
Instructor-led Virtual
Onsite at Your Location

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The healthcare system currently faces a plethora of challenges. Patient health records are kept psioled over various institutions, preventing patients and healthcare providers from having access and leading to medical errors, fatalities, delays in treatment, and decreased quality of care as well as increased financial cost. 

The power of the blockchain puts the patient at the center of their own data, and enables these connections to not only be secure, but accessible and under the control of the patient through smart contracts. Patients are empowered, and able to decide who has access to their medical records and under what conditions. This is the beautiful intersection of healthcare and blockchain. All together we call this PEB, or patient empowered blockchain. We have seen a sneak peak of the power of empowering patients with wearables and health apps which give people information about their own health and the power to make the right decisions, as well as the possibility of receiving incentives for good behavior.

Other topics to be covered that help battle the status of our healthcare system include removing intermediaries and improving the flow and accountability in supply chain and claims management, bringing pharmacy and medical care pricing to the forefront of the patient’s medical clinic or ER visit, decreasing the entry of substandard and falsified medicines into our system, improving provider satisfaction by decreasing record keeping overhead, and so much more!

Problem Statement

Blockchain in healthcare is a trend at its’ infancy, and is exploding at this very moment. Most professionals and leaders in healthcare don’t understand this technology despite massive changes coming our way. We aim to solve this problem by educating people not only on the fundamentals of the blockchain technology, but also provide a taste of the current applications and use cases to give an idea of where it is all going and how it can be applied in various settings.

Blockchain can be used to make healthcare more transparent and accessible and empower patients to take control of their health. This will get employees equipped with the knowledge to blast their companies into the 21st century, will give entrepreneurs the cutting edge, and most importantly, will empower patients to be in control of their health and improve overall provider satisfaction.


Clinicians, universities, hospitals, and healthcare executives.

Learning Outcomes

  • Intro to blockchain

  • Major healthcare use cases of blockchain

  • Understand different use cases of PEB that have already been implemented and encourage thought of new potential use cases.

Class Outline

Day 1

  • History of blockchain

  • Blockchain 101

  • Decentralization/centralization

  • Distributed ledger-private vs public

  • Mining and consensus mechanisms

  • Intro to healthcare on blockchain including Medical records FHIR, HL7

Day 2

  • Patient identity

  • Value-based care and concepts (discuss outcome-based smart contracts)

  • Medical devices, Wearables, IoT

  • Patient adherence monitoring (with tokenized incentives-could also discuss with pt. empowerment), incentives, etc.

  • Interoperability and other obstacles of implementation (industry inertia, large data sets, inherent resistance to change)

Day 3

  • Supply chain (substandard and falsified medicines, divergence, compliance with DSCSA)

  • Logistics

  • Insurance (eligibility, reduced overhead, claims processing)

  • Data sets

  • AI technology (theoretical use cases)

  • PT empowerment 1 & 2 (digital health wallet with access driven by smart contracts, monetizing data for sharing)



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