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Agile Methodology for the Enterprise

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Course Overview

Duration: 12 Hours
Access: 1 Year
Format: Self-Paced Learning

In this Agile Methodology for the Enterprise training class you will learn how to manage complex and dynamic initiatives in today's modern organization. When those initiatives involve doing something entirely new and unprecedented those challenges only increase in size and scope.

The Agile Software Development methodology is a well-known approach to managing highly-complex, dynamic, and visible technical initiatives. What is far less well-known or appreciated is that the tenants of Agile which have resulted in successful delivery by technical project teams over the past few decades are also highly relevant and applicable to the overall enterprise.

As we enter the third decade of the new century it is becoming clear that the successful organizations of the future are the ones who can enable the most flexibility (or agility) to adjust to ever-evolving customer needs and demands. Business time cycles are becoming highly-compressed and the remarkable advancements made in consumer and corporate technology over the past 20 years have significantly lowered the barriers to entry in many industries. Remaining competitive in this new landscape requires that agility and its corresponding principles and practices be woven into the very fabric and culture of an organization. 


The course is intended for senior level executives, business decision makers, and technical product and program managers. In this course you will learn what Agile is, its core principles and practices, and how Agile technical  methodologies can be adopted by all areas of the business. Organizations looking to enable technological transformation and modernization will benefit from learning the tenants of creating an environment and culture of self-organization, continuous improvement, high adaptability, and cross-functional collaborative success. 

Course Outline

  • Chapter 1: What is Agile?
    • Consistent Evolution
    • Self-Organization
    • Continuous Improvement
    • Adaptive
    • Cross-Functional
  • Chapter 2: History of Agile
    • The Manifesto for Agile Software Development
      • Agile Values
        • Adaptive vs Predictive
      • Agile Practices
    • Agile vs Waterfall
    • Test Driven Development
    • Product Backlogs
    • Behavior Driven Development
    • Stand-Ups
    • Pair Development
    • Planning Poker
    • Retrospectives
    • Story-driven modeling
    • Velocity Management
    • Human Centered Design
  • Chapter 3: Overview of Agile Methods
    • ASD
    • Agile Unified Process
    • Disciplined Delivery
    • Extreme Programming Tenants
    • Feature Driven Development
    • Kanban
    • Scrum
  • Chapter 4: Agile for the Enterprise
    • Agile Outside of Software Development
      • Agile Business Management
        • Customer engagement
        • Facilitation-based management
        • Agile work practices
        • Building an enabling structure
        • Agile, DataOps, and AI
    • Recipe for Success in Agile
      • Define and Communicate the Vision
      • Make the Metrics Matter
      • Stop Interfering
      • Dedicate Your Teams
      • Colocation and the Human Dynamic
      • Team Size and The Mythical Man Month
      • Overcoming Technical Debt
      • Narrow Your Focus
      • Executing Quickly and Autonomously
      • Managing the Organizational Transformation
  • Chapter 5: Agile Criticisms
    • Dynamic Systems Development Method
    • Does one size really fit all?
  • Chapter 6: Where To Go From Here
    • Implementing Agile for Technical Teams
      • Reading and Further Study
    • Implementing Agile for Business Teams
      • Reading and Further Study

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Agile Methodology for the Enterprise

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