Global BTA Accredited Training Partners

Our reach of Blockchain instructors are experienced with Blockchain Training Alliance training methods, course materials, interactive labs, and certification preparation, ensuring that customers worldwide receive the highest level of training and support – no matter where they are.

BTA Accredited Global Delivery Partners

 Global Knowledger

Global Knowledge provides global Blockchain certification solutions with Blockchain Training Alliance. GK is one of the world’s largest IT training companies and offers:

  •  5,000+ guaranteed to run classes per year
  •  3,000+ unique IT courses
  • 1,100+ subject matter experts
  • 95% overall student satisfaction
  • Authorized training partner for Blockchain Training Alliance, Amazon Web Services, Cisco, Google, IBM, Microsoft, Red Hat®, VMware and more.
  •  Training in over 100 countries (and in international waters)

Blockchain Training and Certification Offerings


Established in 1974, Learning Tree International is a leading provider of individual, team and organization-wide IT training and management training to business and government organizations worldwide.

Over 2.4 million professionals have enhanced their skills through Learning Tree’s extensive library of proprietary and partner content on topics including: web development, cyber security, program and project management, Agile, operating systems, networking, cloud computing, leadership, and more.

Blockchain Training Offerings


GoodCert is your go-to source for entertaining and enlightening IT training.
We take e-learning seriously at GoodCert, and teach you in the way that you learn best. You won’t find a dubbed slideshow; that's too boring for our approach.
Whether you call it flex learning, e-learning, micro-learning, or even virtual learning, it means the same thing: you learn on your schedule, no matter where you are, with lessons on the go.

Complete a lesson during your kid's soccer practice or on the train to work. Each micro-lesson lasts 10-15 minutes, and you can participate on any mobile device.
If you’ve never considered a flex learning alternative, now’s the time to get out of your comfort zone and try GoodCert.

New Horizons

For 35 years, New Horizons has provided more than 30 million students with industry-leading technical training that delivers relevant and intuitive computer courses and certifications. New horizons has over 250 computer training centers in more than 35 countries and an authorized partner to the top technology providers. For students that means training with the highest quality source materials and the latest products and technologies. For businesses it means getting the highest return on their training investment.


Quint Academy is one of the world’s largest IT training organizations. Worldwide, over 25,000 professionals choose Quint Academy every year. Since 1992, we have been successfully responding to the IT training needs of these professionals.

Quint Academy instructors are recognized as thought leaders and as such contribute to ‘best practices’-based curricula. A unique feature of Quint Academy is that our instructors and educationalists are actively involved in Quint’s consultancy business. This enables us to provide a challenging mix of theory and practice. The practical applicability of the knowledge and know-how acquired is thus guaranteed.

Quint Accredited Partners


SudhanvaTech is a blockchain-focused software development company providing industry solutions & DApps using leading platforms such as Ethereum, Hyperledger, Corda and Quorum. SudhanvaTech also provides leading-edge training for corporates and professionals in distributed ledger technologies.

BTA Accredited North America Delivery Partners

For over 15 years, Tech Strategies International has provided award winning Instructor-Led and Virtual Instructor-Led training around the globe.  Having built a team of talented and experienced instructors and subject matter experts, we expertly deliver authorized and industry-leading content.  

Whether you are working to obtain a career development IT certification or are simply seeking knowledge based training, we have a broad course offering to meet all of your needs.  But above all else, what differentiates us is our 5 star reputation with our students and clients due to our commitment to unparalleled service.  Come train with us, you’ll be glad you did!


BTA Accredited Singapore Delivery Partner

Signapore Blockchain Training

NTUC LearningHub (LHUB™) was corporatised on 1 August 2004. Initially set up in 1982 as the NTUC Computer Training Centre, a division under the Skills Development Department of the NTUC Administration and Research Unit, the organisation has evolved to meet the burgeoning training needs of Singaporeans to continuously keep pace with the dynamic business economy.

NTUC LearningHub (LHUB™) Mission is to be the leader in Continuing Education and Training by providing learning that transforms employability and creates a better life for working people of all collars, ages and nationalities.

BTA Accredited Singapore Delivery Partner

BridgingMinds Network Pte Ltd was founded in 2011, with a goal to bridge knowledge gaps of individuals and organizations through our consulting and development methodologies, to achieve individual’s career aspiration and organization’s objectives.

Today, we are proud to be one of Exclusive Group family as it’s education and delivery arm for Asia and beyond.

BTA Accredited India Delivery Partner

Global Knowledger

Global Knowledge provides global Blockchain certification solutions with Blockchain Training Alliance. GK is one of the world’s largest IT training companies.

BTA Accredited Spain Delivery Partner

Spain Blockchain Training

Knowtech Training has been providing training to corporations since 2013. Our philosophy of training and sharing of knowledge is practiced by the entire company and we are always working to bring the best in training techniques to our clients. We offer engineering and technology training that includes new technologies and innovations as (AI, Neural Networks, Machine learning and now Blockchain technologies).

Training can be delivered as instructor-led classes at your site or in our training center. With our focus on corporate training and our top-rated instructors, we will help you get the certifications and training you need. Knowtech also offers corporate solutions for customized training programs, create career plans or manage training grants or subsidies. We work with you during all training phases to ensure your employees are always ready for deliver new projects.

BTA Accredited Africa Delivery Partner

Torque IT offers one of the fastest growing methods of internet-based training delivery, as part of our robust portfolio of blended training solutions.  Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT), is rapidly transforming the way millions of people choose to learn, as a cost effective and efficient method of skills development.  One of the key benefits to our Clients, is the ability to attend any scheduled training course, across any one of our branches, in the convenience of their homes o​r offices. 

BTA Accredited Australia Delivery Partner

Crystal Echo was founded in 1998 and has its head-quarters in North Sydney, NSW Australia. Since 2004, Crystal Echo has successfully operated as a Juniper Networks Authorised Education Partner (JNAEP) in Australia and New Zealand and is now established as an organisation with a proven capability to sell and deliver high quality training in the IT sector. A foundational belief of the organisation is that the delivery of training and professional services creates the opportunity to build deep relationships with a vendor as well as develop a team of very high quality instructors and PS consultants who have theoretical knowledge combined with hands-on experience.

BTA Accredited Philippines Delivery Partner

Phoenix One Knowledge Solutions, Inc. is a quality-focused training and consulting company. We are an organization committed to providing professional training keeping organizations and individuals abreast with today’s dynamic, fast-changing global environment.

Starting out as a pure technology training provider, we have since expanded our services to cover the capability development needs of the ITBPO industry as well as large multinational enterprises.  To enable us to best serve our customers with global footprints, we have partnered with some of the best global institutions to keep us abreast with trends and issues.  At the same time we understand the local culture, challenges and work situations


BTA Accredited Romania Delivery Partner

Rebel Dot

We’re driven to help our clients get the most value for their investment in technology.
We work as a full technical partner, starting with a consultation where we understand your needs and propose the ‘line’, or optimal approach.

As software development ‘rebels’, we often propose very different, innovative solutions – then lead the line. By staying true to our creativity, we stay relevant for clients in more than 15 industries worldwide

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