Hyperledger Fabric v2.X Training

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Hyperledger Fabric v2.X Training


5 Days

This 5-day bootcamp is designed for system administrators to gain a deep understanding on running a day-to-day network operation on a stood up Hyperledger Fabric Network.


January 30-February 3, 2023: Virtual Instructor-led 9am-5pm PST

What's Included

  • Expert Instructor through duration of the course
  • Comprehensive Lab Guide
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Class Slides

Course Overview   

Duration: 5 days of lecture plus labs 
Access: 1 Year
Format: Instructor-led Training
Certificate of Completion: Included

If you are looking for a Hyperledger course designed for Architects and System Administrators and want to gain a deeper understanding on how Hyperledger Fabric 2.x Networks are Architected and operated throughout, then this is the class for you. 

You will learn about the integral base files in which Fabric are built upon.  You will learn about how identity, and permissions are administered throughout Membership Only networks. Additionally, you will gather the experience necessary to enter into and manage nodes/peer needs (i.e. chaincode installation, securing communication, etc).

Note: We do not currently support the ARM M1 Apple chip machines. You must have an x86 machine to run the virtual lab environment. 


  • System Administrators or anyone who wants to know how to run day-to-day network operations on a stood up Hyperledger Fabric 2.x network


To best benefit from this course:
  • Familiarity with Hyperledger Fabric Component Structure & purposes
  • A minimal understanding of YAML Structure
  • Knowledgeable on how to navigate through the Command Line

What You’ll Learn

  • Gain an understanding of the Hyperledger Fabric network topology
  • Learn about Chaincode, its purpose, and how to develop it using Go.
  • Learn how to handle chaincode operations such as making chaincode packages accessible to peers, invoking and interacting with the chaincode logic from the CLI, and much more.
  • Learn about how to create and develop an initial client Side solution (Using Node) to interact with the network.
  • Learn about how to scale the network organizations, peers, and orderer nodes.
  • Perform Certificate Authority Related operations & setup necessary for initial network Identity relations.


    • Chapter One: What is Blockchain
    • Chapter Two: The History of Blochchain
    • Chapter Three: Fabric Use Cases
    • Chapter Four: What Makes Enterprise Blockchain Different?
    • Chapter Five: What does a Fabric Network Look Like?
    • Chapter Six: The Transaction Lifecycle
    • Chapter Seven: Hyperledger Composer
    • Chapter Eight: Everything's a Database
    • Chapter Nine: Fabric Configuration
    • Chapter Ten: Chaincode
    • Chapter Eleven: Fabric 2.X
    • Labs

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